What would our lives look like if we were able to live our hopes instead of our fears?

Every day we make decisions based on what we are afraid may happen. We may fail, someone may leave us, disaster might strike. We let fear control our choices.

What do we hope for?

It is my goal to help people begin to understand what they hope for their lives and for this world, and then help them to realize that these hopes are possible.

The best way I can think of to do this is through leveraging my own life and experience, my skills and talents, and my own hopes to connect to people where they are at. For me, this is more than a profession, it is a lifestyle.

I have learned to live my hopes through being a therapist, working closely with children, discovering my own spirituality, and getting out of the way of my own creative energy. These are all things that I want to share with others, and you will find more about each of these throughout this website.