Tired body, calm spirit


I arrived! It is now 4am in Reykjavik and I have been here almost 24 hours. Monday/Tuesday was quite a long day(s), having only slept a few hours on Sunday night in Seattle, and one hour Monday night on the plane.

I got off a shuttle in Reykjavik around 8am and had until 3pm to check into Airbnb. So I walked around for a bit. Decided against te or kaffi in the hopes that I would get some sleep in the afternoon. Around 10am, I did a walking tour of the city...with all my stuff. Blegh. I met up with a girl from school who happened to be here as well, and tried to take lots of pictures.

Resume: It is now 1pm, and I just got back from riding an Icelandic horse. Pretty sure I smell. Sorry I didn't get this post up sooner, but I started it and fell asleep again in the middle. Suffice it to say my body is still adjusting.

Despite pushing my physical limits, I feel like I have hit my stride. I feel pretty comfortable here already. I need another nap, but then I will be ready to go for the evening time!