Reykjavik: numbers and fun facts


By the numbers
Total hours: 61
Total steps: 38,995
Total miles walked: 16.9

Fun facts
- Iceland's total population is around 330,000
- Icelanders pay upwards of 30% in income tax, and benefit from government subsidized healthcare and education up through college
- Elementary school students learn 3-4 different languages
- Iceland legalized same-sex marriage in 1996
- There is a penis museum and a painting of a vagina in City Hall
- Reykjavik is one of the safest cities in the world
- All heating is geothermal and very very cheap. They even heat the streets in the winter so there is no snow or ice to drive on
- Despite cheap heating, everything else is expensive
- I'm not sure I enjoyed the tolt of the Icelandic horse. I found it to be much less smooth than I am used to, but maybe I just didn't get the hang of it