Edinburgh: numbers, facts and food


By the numbers
Total hours: 55
Total steps: 44,640
Total miles walked: 19.83

Fun Facts:
- Braveheart got everything wrong
- The buildings are discolored because of smoke during the industrial revolution
- Haggis tastes great
- I found Edinburgh to be colder than Reykjavik, and that surprised me
- Vertical labret piercings are painful. Even for me, having had my lip pierced before, and having a really high pain tolerance
- Eating a sandwich is more difficult than eating something with a fork or spoon
- The highlands are actually pieces of North America that crashed into Britain. There is literally a line you can see in the hills where the geology actually changes
- I don't get whisky. I will work on that in Ireland

- Haggis
- Fish and chips (with salt and sauce)
- Salmon
- Apple scone
- Auchentoshan Lowlands Whisky