Ireland: numbers, facts, food/drink


By the numbers
Total hours: 144
Total steps: 64,672
Total miles walked: 28.71

Fun Facts
- Jameson is Ireland's cheap whiskey.
- Blarney was the most lovely castle I saw, despite the crowds.
- The locals affectionately refer to the tall tower downtown as "the light saber".
- On a related note, SPOILERS Rey finds Luke on an island off the western coast of Ireland. I saw it. Through clouds. Also they did some filming for the next movie near there a few weeks ago as well.
- Guinness DOES taste different in Ireland.
- Gay men are more fun than any other group of people.
- Kilts are Irish too, they just aren't as proud of them as the Scots are.
- Most Irish folks are glad Britain went crazy and voted out of the EU. They are hoping for the opportunity for reunification with Northern Ireland and Scotland. Sounds good to me.
- I have begun to question why I feel like raging nationalism is disgusting in the United States, but exotic in other countries.

- more fish and chips
- Cadbury Starbar
- Irish Dr. Pepper
- several kinds of whiskey
- lots and lots of Guinness, Bailey's, and coffee
- Taytos
- toast (because that's what free hostels serve you for breakfast)