Danish flags and Christmas trees


I arrived in Copenhagen after having a mildly difficult time leaving the airport. The machine for train tickets kept telling me my card was the wrong currency, and refused to give me a ticket. So I had to get DKK out of the ATM, and then break it into smaller bills.

I learned quickly that there are hotdog stands EVERYWHERE in Copenhagen.

I made it to the hostel and took a nap until Brother showed up later that evening. We went out exploring a little bit, as Brother had an open mic night he wanted to check out and try to play at. Unfortunately, we got there a little bit late and they already had a full set, but the little bar seemed fun and friendly.

On our way back, Brother realized he left his Eurail pass at home in San Francisco. :O

Brother did not have a good start to his trip. Poor Brother.

We spent most of the morning the next day trying to figure out what to do about his Eurail pass. Without it, he would need to pay for each train ride out of pocket, so we decided it would be best to have his roommate send it as quickly as possible and stay in Copenhagen until we have it. At this point, it is set to arrive on the 29th, so we added one night in Copenhagen and are planning to head to Prague on the 30th.

So, to sum up that day, we didn't make it to Legoland. That was somewhat disappointing, but the Eurail pass was more pressing. We found an awesome walking tour of the city to go on that afternoon, and got lots of interesting information about Copenhagen and Denmark in general. Then we went on a hunt for dinner and realized that all of the food in Copenhagen is incredibly expensive. We finally settled on a little Thai restaurant down the street from our hostel.

Yesterday we ventured off on our own through the city. We found the island of street food that our tour guide had pointed out, and we were in awe at all the wonderful goodness we found. Cheap food from all over the world. Mmmm.

We wandered to Frederik's Kirke, also known as the Marble Church, and spent a few minutes taking in the beauty inside that church. Then we headed off to the National Museum, and explored some of the history of Denmark.

I've got some great fun facts to share with you when our time in Copenhagen is finished, so keep your eyes out for that!

After that, I came back and had a rest before we rallied to hit a local gay bar for dinner and drinks. Brother is still young and spry, so he stayed out late while I turned in around 11.

There is something about this city that just feels like my papa. Something calm and steady, even stoic. I'll talk more about that, but Brother and I are about to head out for the day.