The following is the first excerpt of the book I am working on for you all. It is a small excerpt, it may not give you many clues as to what the point of all this is, but here you go.

"Fear is such a powerful emotion. I think we can be unaware of the far-reaching effect it can have on our lives, directing our choices in subtle and sneaky ways.

Fear keeps us from trying skydiving or traveling alone to foreign countries. And fear also separates us from other people, people who are different. Fear damages relationships as it forces people closer or further away from us than they are comfortable. Fear creates systems of injustice based on fictional hierarchies. Fear paralyzes.

I have been afraid most of my life. Afraid to be myself, mostly. Afraid to even figure out who I am. Afraid that Iā€™m not actually worth much.

I have learned in my short life that when we let fear dictate our lives, we make decisions that are easy, simplistic, and generally hurt ourselves and others. Fear suffocates hope and forces us to settle for something less."