Copenhagen: numbers, facts, food/drink


By the numbers
Total hours: 112
Total steps: 81,901
Total miles walked: 36.33

Fun facts
- If the Queen of England and the Queen of Denmark were in the same room, the Queen of England would have to bow to the Queen of Denmark, because her royal lineage is the longest in any current monarchy
- Male heirs to the throne in Danish history only have two names: Christian and Frederik. They alternate through the generations
- Danes pay 46% income tax and are known as the happiest people in the world
- Danes are not known for their engineering ability. There is a draw bridge that meets in the middle that was some 5m off. It was supposed to open in 2008
- Putting Danish flags on the Christmas tree (like we always did growing up) is not a common tradition in Denmark. Instead, they put their tree in the middle of the room so they can dance around it
- Drinking age is 16
- Denmark has the oldest flag in the world

- twice cooked in duck fat French fries
- shawarma
- Danish pastries
- Open-faced sandwich
- hot buns burger with a knife and fork
- fish 'n chips
- Carlsberg
- pepperoni, pineapple and jalapeño pizza