Communism, beer, and garnets...oh my!


Oh Prague.

Thank you for your cheap beer.

Prague is a beautiful city, and it's history is so very interesting. Brother and I went on a walking tour yesterday, and we were so intrigued that we found another free walking tour dedicated to the city's Communist history for this afternoon.

I love the mix of the different styles of architecture, including the dark looming Gothic buildings that the city is most famous for.

Also, the hostel we are staying in is awesome. It is called Art Hole, and we made friends with the receptionist from Lithuania. We have spent a lot of time drinking beer and watching football. It is easy to do when you can buy a beer for a dollar right at reception, and they stream the games live for you right there too. :)

In the same way that Copenhagen felt like Papa, Prague feels like Grandma Mary. It is strange, and I wish I had better words to describe it just yet. I bought a crew neck sweatshirt in Copenhagen because it reminded me of Papa, and I decided that the best souvenir I could find in Prague to remind me of Grandma would be jewelry. I needed something that Grandma would approve of, but that I would actually wear.

I found the perfect ring. I love it so much, and it didn't break the bank. It makes me smile every time I look at it, and I think of Grandma Mary.

We just have one more night in Prague, unfortunately. I could spend so much more time here. But we still have Berlin and Amsterdam to look forward to, and then I get to see the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff before I head back to North America.

This trip is going so fast. I have loved nearly every minute of it, and I wish it would slow down.