The River Elbe


I have decided that my favorite spot so far on this trip is somewhere that I never actually got to set foot. We flew past it twice; once on the way to Prague, and then on the way to Berlin. Dresden and Prague both have a river running through the city.

In Dresden, it is the Elbe River. In Prague it is Vltava, which actually splits off from the Elbe north of the city. Between the two cities along the banks of the Elbe is my favorite spot in Europe so far.

The river is wide and meandering. At moments along the way it feels like a beautiful river valley with hills rising up on each side. At other moments, it feels like the Grand Canyon as it seems like the river has cut cliffs into the hills around it.

All of it is covered in green, and there are villages all along the banks.

I have loved each of the places I have been so far. Reykjavik and Edinburgh were such fun places to be. Scotland and Ireland are some of the most beautiful places I have seen in real life. Copenhagen was interesting and lovely, Prague was so rich with character.

But there was something about this river, the hills, the trees and the towns that took my breath away.