Prague: numbers, fun facts, food and drink


By the numbers
Total hours: 61
Total steps: 48,115
Total miles walked: 21.34

Fun facts
- 90% of Prague's Jewish population was killed in the Holocaust
- Prague was only bombed once during the war, accidentally, by a Czech volunteer pilot serving with the Allies
- Charles IV was voted the best Czech ever. When he died his son took over, and he is known as the Useless King
- Czech Republic peacefully and amicably split from Slovakia - Despite Prague's fascinating religious history, 80% consider themselves atheist today. Some attribute this to their strong Catholic origins, followed by forced conversions to Protestantism and Communism
- Czech people consume the most beer in the world. Beer is cheaper than water in Prague
- Czech Republic has the highest concentration of castles (including keeps and ruins) in the world
- In 2016, "Czechia" was published as the official English short-form name for the country at the UN

- lots of beer, specifically Kozel
- gelato
- Mexican food
- Sushi
- houskove knedliky
- svickova