Superlatives and Numbers


Days: 30
Steps: 414,029
Miles: 184.53

Averages per day
Steps: 13,801
Miles: 6.51
Beers: 1.1

Most active day
July 3 - Prague

Best Hot Dog
Baerins Beztu Pylsur, Reykjavik

Prettiest Church
Vor Frelsers Kirke, Copenhagen

Oldest Architecture
Monasterboice, Ireland (501 AD)

Best Fish and Chips
Benes, Edinburgh

Best Whiskey
Teeling, Dublin

Best Beer (3-way tie)
Guinness, Dublin
Carlsberg, Copenhagen
Kozel, Velke Popovice, Prague

Best Hostel (tie)
Urban House, Copenhagen
Art Hole, Prague

Best Castle
Blarney, Cork, Ireland

Most Interesting Walking Tour
Sandemans Free Walking Tour, Berlin

Best Hippie Commune
Christiania, Copenhagen

**These are all personal opinion and based on absolutely no measurable means.

So where would I go back? I definitely didn't get enough time in Prague and Edinburgh. I loved Ireland, and would go back there as well, but in a 6 day excursion, I feel satisfied with the experience.

What are you curious about? Did I leave anything out?