Amsterdam: numbers, facts, food and sickness


By the numbers
Total hours: 80
Total steps: 44,219
Total miles walked: 19.61

Fun facts
- I was sick for most of our visit to this city.
- Prostitution and marijuana are "legal" in Amsterdam.
- The whole city was built on water and supported by over 11,000,000 poles. You can see this evidenced in the buildings, that have moved over the years and now stand somewhat crooked.
- Supposedly 25,000 bikes end up in the canals every year.
- Amsterdam is home to the highest number of nationalities in the world. It is the most diverse city.
- You cannot smoke tobacco indoors, but you can smoke weed in coffeeshops.
- The red light district is one of the safest areas of the city.
- So few people in Amsterdam attend churches that they have repurposed most of the old church buildings to be art exhibits and event halls.

Food and Drink (and other forms of ingestible recreation) - Irish food
- lots of Heineken
- Bitterballen
- Ribs!
- Weed (duh)